Neil Gaiman – Anansi Boys

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 Hi Everybody,

Lets talk today about a book that i just finished yesterday on the way to home. The book was in English, so i will write this comment in English. I hope, you would enjoy it and not have so much fun with my foreign language.

Whatever, this book has been suggested to me by my brother (Rahim) and i had this book since so long time in my library waiting for me to read. At the end, after i forgot most of my books in Frankfurt when i came to Brussels, i had to read this one.

Let me be honest with you. The book was really good. Especially the language that author used. I read lots of English books but this language was so different than the others. It was so easy to read and author was talking to us. He was telling us a story and i was just sitting next to him.


Now let me explain the story a little bit. Anansi is an American God refers to Spiders. There are gods for every animal shape and Anansi is just one of them. But he is different that others cos he is more clever. According to this book, the world is having it’s shape by songs and stories of American Gods. All the songs and stories were belonging to Tiger till Anansi tricked him and got them. Afterwards, since thousands of years, everybody tells Anansi stories, every sings Anansi songs.

One day, Anansi dies. One of his son, Fat Charlie finds out that he has a brother named Spider. And he can contact to him by telling to a spider that he wants to see his brother. Cos Spider has all the God powers…

One day, even though Charlie did not believe to this elderly story, he decided to ask a spider about his brother. And than everything starts. For the rest, you have to read the book.
But let me assure you that the book is really fantastic. It really worths to spend time on it.

Have fun with the book,




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